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U shaped staircase design concept is base on a straight staircase design. Means stairs with turn corner or middle landing. Indeed You can see the U staircase in different sites and get a stair design idea for your home or building project. Also, Staircase design complies with the Building Code. To conclude, Quality and Design Stairs will suggest the best stair solution on the upper opening size and floor height.

At the Quality and Design Stairs, what we do is help people who want to renovate, repair, rebuild or extend their steel building, order what they need on the phone, and have it delivered to home or worksite.

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Advantages U Shaped staircase?

  • Smaller space required.
  • Useful when there need many risers but small floor space.
  • Provision of a place to rest and the reduced distance of fall (same as the L-shaped stair)

A U-shaped staircase also consists of two flights with a landing or winders midway through and a return flight to the first floor, creating a U-shape when viewed on the plan. Indeed A U-shaped staircase is also an effective use of space.

What kind of materials should I use?

Let the style and design of your home define the materials you use in your staircase construction. Hardwood staircases are generally low maintenance. Design-wise, wood complements many other materials. Spills are a cinch to clean, and they do not trap smells.

Carpet is quiet, warm and safe but can wear quickly on a busy traverse. A densely woven, low-profile wool carpet is best and a fibre guard will make spills and smells easy to manage. Carpet can dress the entire staircase or act as a runner as a contrast to the stairs base material.  

Before your finished stair comes to life, we’ve created a range of products that help you to find a stair design that is ideal for you. As a result, Our products make up the critical building blocks of any project, and they mean that all of our stairs can be customized to suit specific needs.

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