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Discover your new modern staircase. Open riser stairs create sleek lines that soar in mid-air like mono stringer stairs & steel floating stairs. Give your stair the style that is quickly becoming the cornerstone in modern home design.

Quality & Design Stairs has come up with open staircase and floating staircases in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough. 

Custom Spiral Stairs

The right staircase is a functional and sculptural element in your home. Our custom spiral staircases are the perfect solution for homeowners that want a balance of style and function. As a result, a staircase is a blank canvas in your home that can embrace whatever design style you choose.

A spiral stair is already a unique design, but Quality and Design Stair has plenty of customizable options to make sure your spiral stair meets your design needs. Indeed Ranging from decorative spindles to the style of each step in your staircase, we can make your design dreams a reality. These design details apply to all of our stairs, both indoor and outdoor, meaning you can have your custom-designed stairs anywhere in your home. In short, with these customizations, your spiral stair can fit into any home design, whether it be minimalist or rustic.

Quality & Design Stairs

Solid Wood Spiral Stairs

Our wood staircases are available in a variety of wood species, including oak, maple, hickory, American cherry, and mahogany, with additional species are available upon request. We ship you your stair unfinished, without any stain, allowing you to customize further the look of your wood stairs to match its surroundings, furthering the custom design!

How much space does a spiral staircase require?

There is not a set space requirement; it all depends on your unique space needs. Because your stair’s diameter is the total width of your stair, it will also determine the footprint. The smallest spiral stair diameter that we offer is 3’6″, which translates to a 42″ x 42″ footprint. From here, the footprint will increase in 6″ increments like the diameters.

At Quality & Design Stair, we focus on designing, building, developing, and installation to provide them a variety of staircase materials that will make their project demand a second look for both residential and commercial properties.

No matter what material you choose for the staircase, we make it our duty to serve you the best solutions in the industry that is every builder’s dream. We provide solutions, either standardized or tailored to an architect’s perception. We ensure on time delivery with no compromise on quality to ensure you are happy with our services. 

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