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Discover your new modern staircase. Open riser stairs create sleek lines that soar in mid-air like mono stringer stairs & steel floating stairs. Give your stair the style that is quickly becoming the cornerstone in modern home design.

Quality & Design Stairs has come up with open staircase and floating staircases in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough. 

What is a floating staircase?

floating staircase is an architectural masterpiece for small, dual-floor office space in the metropolitan area where you need to get as much inside as you can, under a budget. Operating in the city is usually high-priced and even getting a tacky floor to operate from proves difficult. Thus, these floating staircases are a hit there and the experienced labours here at Quality & Design Stairs will make the installation a breeze.

This means that the risers are missing to emphasize on the fact that there is nothing underneath the inclined structure. In some cases, people also opt for no handrail, which gives the whole structure more of a contemporary staircase  look.

Quality & Design Stairs

Floating Stairs cost somewhere between $5,000 and $30,000. This range is so extreme because the factors surrounding floating stairs are highly customizable, and there are many finish options. It is possible to find cheaper options, but those options are limited to single standard use and are a riskier choice. Quality & Design Stair Floating Stairs, on the other hand, start around $7,500 and give you a custom-designed, custom-engineered, and hand-crafted staircase that meets code and will last for years.

A basic model of a floating stair may be relatively inexpensive, but as you add to the project it will add to the total project cost.The higher your floor-to-floor height, the more expensive your floating stair will be because you will need more materials to achieve a higher elevation. A straight run will cost less than a more complicated run for the same reason: more necessary materials.

The wood species you choose to use for your treads will also cause the price to vary—some woods are less expensive than others because of availability. In order to keep costs down, you may choose a less expensive wood and stain it to look the way you want it to. If your railing system is made out of aluminum, the total cost for your project would be less than if you used stainless steel, but stainless steel provides extra strength for more robust applications. There are many factors to consider, which makes it hard to say exactly how much a floating stair should cost until you get an actual quote.


Floating stairs have been a major staircase design trend for almost a decade, fitting in perfectly with progressive minimalist architecture. Designing a minimalist staircase in accordance with Canadian standards for stairs and handrails requires careful planning, particularly with regards to these features.

Where floating staircase serve

The purpose of being flawlessly spacious, open staircases also make an impact. An open staircase is known for covering less space and also allowing maximum light to brighten up the room with the morning sunlight. Open staircase is similar to floating stair case in the sense that it provides the simplest solution of going from bottom to top floor.

Open staircases are normally built without risers, but if the risers are installed, it is made from thin transparent glass that is clean and lets you steal a look underneath. An open staircase will appear elegant in any office building or a house that is built to modern tastes and will satisfy the trendiest of needs. Even the handrails are installed with glass to make your every step shine and uplift the whole room with light.

When you combine the characteristics of an open staircase and a floating staircase, what you are left with is chic and modern looks that will make the onlookers disappear in its crafting techniques. Such as an open string staircase will be a stunning addition to any hip environment.

At Quality & Design Stair, we focus on designing, building, developing, and installation to provide them a variety of staircase materials that will make their project demand a second look for both residential and commercial properties.


Open Riser Stairs Adapt to Any Space

Since every one of our FLIGHT stairs are custom manufactured, we can accommodate virtually any level of customization. Whether your project requires a full 180 degree turn or just a single straight run, we’ll be able to make it happen. The tool below will give you ballpark pricing for a single mono stringer, treads, and railing (should you choose that option). If your run isn’t straight, simply fill out our FLIGHT design form and one of our floating stair specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

No matter what material you choose for the staircase, we make it our duty to serve you the best solutions in the industry that is every builder’s dream. We provide solutions, either standardized or tailored to an architect’s perception. We ensure on time delivery with no compromise on quality to ensure you are happy with our services. 

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